Parent testimonials

Parent testimonial

I first reached out to Sophie when it became clear my 7 year old daughter’s reading level was not up to standard. I was not sure if she had just slipped through the cracks at school or whether there was a more serious reason for her struggles. From the very beginning Sophie was calm and patient, both with me and my daughter and instilled in us a great sense of ease. She identified very quickly that my daughter was more than capable of reading – she had just fallen behind and in doing so had lost her all confidence. This in turn had led her to exhibiting anxiety and tearfulness in class, refusing to read and a feeling that she was “the stupidest person in school”. Sophie’s holistic approach to dealing with challenges and issues faced by children meant that she not only helped my daughter obtain an above average level in reading for her age, but taught her breathing techniques in order to deal with stressful situations, positive self-awareness and a sense of pride in her achievements. Overall my daughter has flourished under Sophie’s care and now feels “clever” and capable of participating happily in class. Sophie reaches out to parents and teachers alike to ensure the child’s learning process or treatment is fully integrated and supported within their home and school environments. Along the way, and at various times, Sophie has also tutored my son and younger daughter in maths and reading. Sophie’s great strength is in identifying and clarifying what a child is struggling with and then tailoring her approach to each specific child to obtain the very best results. Sophie is a wonderful combination of psychologist, math whizz, reading tutor, creative artist, school project manager and behavioral specialist. I really don’t know where we would be without her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any family dealing with challenges in their child’s development, the education system or just for a child who is struggling to find their way.

Parent testimonial

My family has been working with Dr Sophie Williams for almost 2 years now and I could not recommend her more highly - both for her professionalism and her caring nature which has helped my children to soar. Sophie has primarily worked with my 8.5 year old twins who both have dyslexia - one of whom is effected more severely. Apart from using the latest Dyslexia online support programmes, Sophie has also worked with my twins to navigate their way through the demanding Singapore Local School system by understanding what is required and how to work with it. My twins had lost a lot of confidence in their abilities and regularly threw tantrums because of their frustration and Sophie has been able to show them (& us!) just how special their individual gifts are. This has in turn decreased the tantrums. Sophie continues to work with them 1-2 times per week.

Sophie has also worked with my older daughter on her interview skills for entrance to Secondary School. She helped my daughter realise just how much she had to offer by showing her how to work with mind maps and she also conducted mock interviews so that she was able to attend her interviews with confidence.

I have already recommended Sophie to friends who have all had the same positive experience.

Our family unit has changed for the better from working with Sophie and I highly recommend her for both children and adults.

Parent testimonials

Parent testimonial

Meeting and working with Dr Sophie has been the difference between night and day for our 7-year-old son, who struggles with dyslexia and ADHD.  When we first approached Dr Sophie after our son was diagnosed, he wasn't able to spell his name, or read a book.  Now he is reading chapter books and happily writing and rewriting his Christmas List (along with signs for the door demanding that we "keep out").  His confidence has sky rocketed as his skill base has developed.  We still have some way to go, but with Dr Sophie's guidance, expertise and most importantly patience and kindness, I know we are definitely on the right path. 

Parent testimonia

Dr. Sophie Williams came into our lives at a point where we had lost all hope. Our daughter didn’t learn to read and write no matter how much we tried. Then Sophie came! She achieved in one month what no psychologist, teacher or tutor managed in 3 years. She assessed our daughter shortly just for checking which approach was necessary to help my daughter mostly. Then she worked hard but from the heart. 

If you are looking for a psychologist to help you or your child then I definitely recommend Sophie as her approach is down to earth, on the floor if necessary with lots of play and laughter and without any negative remarks to put you down. No trees are wasted on long unnecessary negative reports/ assessments. Instead she lifted our family up in such a manner that no words can describe. We didn’t get any 20 pages report but instead we got lots of tips on how to work with our daughter who now after working with Sophie loves learning and she likes reading. I wish we had met Sophie earlier! She came to our house every time, she had meetings with the school when needed. 

Sophie will continue to work with our family to help us with the transition to a new country and a new school for our daughter. 

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